Our Parish Prayer Chain is a group of committed individuals who will readily accept the role of praying for the needs of those who request prayers for themselves, family, or friends. Please call any person on our prayer chain to begin this powerful ministry of intercessory prayer that reaches out to those in need of strength, hope, healing, and comfort.

No detail of the person needing prayers is required.

Tina Allphin 740-629-7166   Mary Ann Ley 740-373-3579
Mary Augenstein 740-373-5103   Nancy Matheny 740-373-1312
Norma Jean Adams 740-373-5230   Shelly Medley 740-525-6360
Sheri Black 740-236-0510   Debbie Murray 740-373-1787
Betty Boersma 740-373-5106   Cheryl Nau 740-516-1319
Amy Brockett 740-516-4647   Suzie Nesmith 304-834-4811
Barb Brockmeier 740-373-1597   Bonnie Offenberger 740-374-2943
Linda Caldwell 740-236-1418   Karen Pierson 740-350-3133
Robin Cleveland 740-568-8932   Blenda Rech 740-236-2261
Kathy DesMarteau 740-885-0281   Gerry Pouzide 740-373-4366
Rosie Fourman 740-336-1042   Barb Robinson 740-434-5228
Anne Gruber 740-373-6904   Jan Sailer 740-374-8865
Nancy Hathaway 740-373-4738   Janet Steinel 740-350-0019
Phyllis Huck 740-336-7494   Lisa Wenzel 740-473-2365
JoAnne King 740-629-5453   Lou Wesel 740-373-2476


“First of all, then, I ask that supplications, prayers, petitions, and thanksgivings be offered for everyone.”
(1 Timothy 2:1)