Thank you for visiting the Basilica! We have been praying together, working together and rejoicing together since 1838 here in Marietta.

We have a beautiful renovated Basilica and an outstanding Catholic School, yet the parish is not buildings – the parish is first and foremost a people – a people called together by God and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Our parish exists not for itself, but for the mission of Jesus Christ. The parish is called to teach, and witness the Gospel of Christ to our children, to those preparing for deeper Sacramental life, to those alienated from the Church and to those not active in the parish community.

Your presence in the parish would give us yet another facet of the “Living Body of Christ.” May God bless you and give you the grace to feel very much at home here.

Msgr. John Michael Campbell (Rector)

Catholics who wish to register in the parish can complete and send in the Parish Registration Form.
Non-Catholics who are interested in learning about the Catholic Faith, 
and perhaps joining the parish are invited to attend our special RCIA program.